Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Goals, relays and a little HALLELUJAH!

I know I am in denial.  And reality is going to hit me straight in the face just when I do not need it the most! 
Like when a homework assignment is due or I have to run off something for VBS and then I will probably explode and have no one else to blame but myself. 

I am talking about my computer. 

I got a virus on it about a month or two ago and it has had some quirks since.  My hard drive doesn't work right and you have to baby it.  Like when I try to upload pictures.  I cannot seem to do it through the cord and camera now.  It will take all day and about 10 tries and maybe a few cuss words before it does it.  By then my camera battery is low!  And I am angry.  So I decided to go though my scanner/copier.  That seemed to work.  Still took forever but maybe about 1/2 of the forever had I gone through the cord.  And with no cuss words cause I could walk away and come back later to see it was done. 

HOWEVER, this weekends pictures took TWO days.  You heard me right.  TWO DAYS! All day yesterday and most of this morning along with two reboots and.......maybe a few cuss words.

Fact remains, I need to suck it up and spend the money on a new computer.  But the frugal side of me says "But it still works!  Don't throw out something that still works.  You just have to give it a little more TLC!"  And the side that does the pictures says "Girl, just do IT!  This is for the dogs!  HECK even the dogs wouldn't want your computer!". I should listen to the picture side but..........the frugal side is sooooo strong.  In the end, I FINALLY uploaded and here is the weekend story.......

Ryan went to his Relay for Life Friday night and into Saturday morning.  I didn't go cause I didn't have time to walk a track.  Instead I got to walk the aisles of Walmart grocery shopping.  But they look like they had fun!  Probably much more than I!   And thank you to all who donated!
(If you notice though, there really isn't any pictures of anyone walking!  But who am I to judge?  I was fighting a grocery cart with a bent wheel between stacks of inventory in the middle of the grocery isle!)
Then it was off to our last soccer game!  Simply put, we were creamed.  Not that the kids seemed to notice cause I think they were 1/2 asleep during the game!  They didn't seem to mind what was going on.  Myself, I just shook my head.  "All in the fun.......all in the fun....." (maybe if I keep saying it, it won't hurt so much)
 This is my favorite picture.  Just look at those ninja like movements.  That determination on her face.  The flow of the arms.  And the tongue out the mouth always adds a little spunk to a good kick! I even blew it up so you could get the whole effect!

 After, was the end of the season picnic and awards!  GREAT JOB TEAM! (well maybe except for that last game! Sorry but I had to throw in that last whine of the season!)
The team is thinking on maybe going to travel.  They are going to test the waters at the Fathers Day tournament.  This should be interesting.  Maybe a little Red Bull wouldn't hurt? (you didn't hear me say that!)

Then it was off for Megan's confirmation on Sunday.  1st let me say THANK YOU to Mimi and Rachel for the extra hands in helping to set up!  Otherwise I probably would still be doing it myself....and going insane in the process!

I am very proud of Megan!  Congratulations sweetheart on your journey!
The End!

Praise the Lord! One VERY busy weekend down! Now....to get ready for VBS! And a soccer tourni!

Where IS that Red Bull!?

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