Friday, July 29, 2011

Getting unplugged!?

I was just reading tips (online of course) about how to unplug during your vacation.  As in no electrically functions objects.  At 1st I kinda spewed out a huff as if to say "yeah right".  Like my family would survive without their computers and texts!  After all, how would Ryan do without a day of Xbox or Megan finding out who loves whom!  Even Todd would get upset for not being able to go online and do his Weight Watchers!! *snort* They would never last a week!  They would never last a DAY!

I do say THEY because, no matter what my family might think, I can survive without electric and battery powered objects.  Oh I love my tv.  And I go online and do research and talk to friends daily.  But if the electric were to go out, I would simply shrug my shoulders and open a book.  The phone not ringing does not bother me in the least!  I like doing things that involve using my mind and hands.  I consider myself rather creative actually. I enjoy baking.  I used to paint and draw.  I like making things and can even hand sew!  Give me something to read and I will be hooked until I get to the end!  I just don't seem to have the time anymore to really do much of these things.  (probably because I am online or watching Americas Got Talent!)

So the thought of becoming unplugged sounded rather.....intriguing.  Maybe we should try it.  After all we are heading to the mountains.  Our days will be filled with hiking and tubing and rafting.  Nature is completely calling us.  And leaving our phone at the cabin is a complete possibility.  Now I know we won't make it a whole week without turning on the phone to see what is going on in teenage land and will likely turn on the tv to check the weather in the mornings at some point but I can certainly see us having a totally disconnected vacation....  Ok....close to it... and I am rather excited!  It will be nice to be able to sit and talk with my kids about life and what we are doing without the phone ringing or someone staring at a video game!  It makes the vacation sound even more exciting!

I will have to get back to you on how we do....on the blog.....when we return to reality in two weeks!  Maybe...................

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