Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Who needs fireworks when you can enjoy 8 hours of singing?!

Well we are all back to reality after a lovely holiday weekend.  I would love to say that my weekend was full of excitement and thrills.  But really, it wasn't at all and that can be a good thing.  After a year of school, soccer and being a non-professional bus driver to most local events, I am rather proud to say....I didn't do much at all this weekend!

Saturday was spent....sleeping in.  And, wait for it, I actually DID sleep in.  Past 8am!  For me that is amazing! Then we ran to the church to measure for the background for my upcoming VBS and back home for lunch and a GLEE-a-thon.  Yeah.  You heard me right.  I sat on my butt for a good 8 hours watching the 1st year of Glee!  We didn't make it though.  I think we still have about 3 more epis to view but we came oh so close!

Sunday was spent...........sleeping in!  Oh yeah!  Again!  I didn't go to church. *gasp* I didn't go to the store *gasp* I didn't even do a load of laundry *GASP*. I know!  I know.  Did you ever think the day would come.  What is sad is that I really can't remember what else I did that day.  As I am struggling to picture in my mind the moments from waking till bed, I can't say much stands out.  I am either brain fried from sleeping in past 6am or from watching too many shows of Sue and her vicious antics on ruining Glee club! 

Monday was spent......sleeping in!  That is why it is going to rain today.  Three days of not hearing an alarm!  And after, I sat in my jammies and watched more Glee.  Oh stop it!  It is addicting!  Makes me wanna burst out in some musical review and dig out my dance shoes again!  And for my lazy effort, I spent the afternoon running around like a chicken without a head cleaning up the house before my mother in law came over for a picnic!  I didn't make it.  As she walked in,  I was running the vacuum and I felt like she knew my laziness and secret addiction to Glee and was shaking a mental finger at me! 

After, we ate a bar-b-que and sat around while the kids swam. They swam so much they wouldn't get out of the pool for fireworks.  Although, Delaney popped her head out sometime around 8:40 to announce she was ready to see fireworks but I sadly told her we simple would not make it in time at that point.  She stood there, dripping wet, looking at me with her mouth open to determine if I was joking, shrugged her shoulders, put her goggles back on and swam away into the sun set.  And I sat and chatted while bugs ate me alive. 

But it beat working.  It beat doing laundry or busing kids or going to soccer or doing I shall take it.  Over all it was a lovely, quiet weekend full of good food, friends, family, complete laziness and song!  I believe that is what our forefathers intended!


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