Tuesday, April 20, 2010


That is exactly how I feel. Allergies are kicking my butt! If people would not think me crazy I would just stuff some tissues up my nose and hope for the best. But since I don't think snotty tissues hanging out ones nose is the hit on the Paris runway, I doubt I would be able to do so without getting looks. But then most days I spend in places like Walmart and, well, do the clients there even KNOW what is a hit on the Paris runway anyway? Heck, the check out lady is probably still wearing the latest fashion from 1981!

I have been pumping my body with allergy meds in the hope of feeling somewhat remotely normal. It was working on the allergies for a while. But now I think the pollen and grass is taking over more and the meds are on a losing battle.

In the end, the meds don't help me feel very 'normal' anyway. Oh they might help me not blow snot across the kitchen while making dinner! (Isn't that a lovely image?) But I am so drugged up and dopey that I doubt a snot rocket would even phase me in the least (Am I making you glad you don't have to come over and eat at my house anytime soon?)
I am tired and groggy and sniffly and just want to climb in bed and pull the blankets over my head and hide till about, oh, June I am thinking!

But enough of my boo hoo's. Life must go on and from what I remember of it lately, it still consists of soccer games, choir practices, dr appointments and work.

So what have I been doing this last week, you ask??

Delaney had another soccer game last Sat. We had swim class, changed and drove off to the soccer field all before 11am! (There seriously has to be a law somewhere on that! Two activities before noon on a Sat should be illegal!) We didn't win BUT they actually kicked the ball this time! That is a plus and a great improvement!

One of my daycare kids announced he got his rabies shot! I asked him if he ment his dog and he thought about it and said, NO. He got it the other day at the doctors office! It might explain so much!

We paid our taxes.

I paid the bills.



And, this is about all I remember. My brain is done. I cannot seem to come up with some whitty and exciting story when all I am longing for is my blanket and pills.

So on that note.................

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