Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Vacation (continued)

(Monday to Thursday)
Monday found us in Dollywood in the afternoon and The Comedy Barn in the evening for a family fun show!
Now this is where pics are rare..... Wet area and no camera.....
Tuesday was our rafting day.  I do have pictures but have to find out how to upload them from the CD.  All 19 of us went!!

Wednesday was our tubing day.  Now THAT was an adventure and I am shocked that none of us came out of that without a visit to the local ER!  Water level was low and so they sent us to the upper level of the river.  We had never been on the upper level as that is usually full of rapids and with Delaney we usually opted for the lower, slower lazy river ride but since the water was so low, that was our option.  How bad could it be?  Bad enough.  If you weren't getting your butt stuck on a rock and having to try and figure out how to get off of it in the middle of a rapid because water was too low, you were smashing against the rocks on your way down!  Delaney was terrified.  And I don't believe a single person came off that adventure without a bump, scrape, cut up knee, bruised butt or busted tube! Lesson learned....low water+ upper river trip= find something else to do that day! 

This took us to dinner out and a night of fun and games...........
Thursday was spent in Bryson City, NC walking in the Smoky Mountains.......

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