Sunday, January 29, 2012


Megan headed off last weekend to a youth retreat with her church.  After she left and the quiet of the house over took me, I was walking around picking up this and that and came across this in her room.............
I would like to say this was just from packing to go but in has been like this for a while.  Just slowly and steadily growing!  Her 18 year old brother....a boy! nothing compared to her.  But Megan has always been like this.  Refusing to pick up after herself even at a young age.  The rule of 'either you clean it up or I will get out the trash bag' always fell on silent young ears!  She could have cared less if her toys were put in a trash bag and never seen again!  She didn't have to pick it up in the end and it was a few less toys to worry about the next time I took out the bag!!  But as she ventures into teenage world, it is getting worse. 
And unacceptable!  When she returned, there was a note on her door that said "Clean this up by next weekend or I WILL DO IT FOR YOU".  The meaning silent but very clear.   At age 5 she didn't care if another barbie made it into that black trash bag.  Now?  I think she would not like 1/2 her clothes and make up and music and shoes missing. I am sure the loss of her cell phone, cause it was on the floor, would be the end of the world! When I mentioned it to her about her room looking like that, her comment to me was "Ryan takes after you.  I take after Dad!!".  And boy does THAT not speak volumes!?  If this is the lessons we teach our kids, we might need to learn a few ourselves.  But that is going into a whole other post and a whole set of new pics!
Now the suspenceful question is....did she pick up her room?  Where are the new pics of her shiney and lovely teenage space?  Well, she did spend all day yesterday cleanging up that room.  And I do mean ALLLLLLLLL day. So what was the outcome?  Well, lets just say.........

She has off school tomorrow and guess what she will be doing with her free time?

Lesson learned from THIS parent?  No one is happy till momma is happy!

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