Friday, March 30, 2012

I am too stupid to do it myself!

Dear McDonald's
Please make the food choices for me cause I simply don't have the brains to do it myself!  Must be all those hours of Barney frying my thought process.  Thank you very much for you assistance in this matter!  Perhaps next week you can feed me too!

Yours Truely,



The latest thing is MD's transition from a small fry in a kids meal to apple slices and a box of fries so small they probably couldn't hold more than 5 fries at any given moment in time. In fact, I would eat my shoe if they held that much.  (I probably would have too cause I would still be way too hungry after eating!!) I cannot tell you how mad I was when that 1st meal came home one day and I saw what was inside.  It isn't like we eat at MDs daily.  It is a treat.  More a grasping moment in time when things becomes to frazzled in schedules and we have to eat fast and go.  But when we do go, I expect it to be a treat. I don't want to haggle over what is inside.  I seriously doubt that a small fry is going to kill any of my kids if they ate it. But it is to help us 'make better choices for our kids'.  Cause I simply can't do that on my own!  If I am pulling into a MDs in the 1st place, I kinda already know that the food is going to be full of fat and salt and sugar.  Otherwise we would be heading to salad works!  I know I am ordering nuggets. I know I am ordering fries.  And, dare I say it, even a soda!!  It is, after all, MY choice isn't it?  Well, it seems to MDs and Michelle Obama, it is not.

"McDonald’s has long offered parents the option of asking for fruit rather than fries, although a study by Yale University’s Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity found that only 11 percent took advantage of that option"
Well, thank you for doing that cause it would seem that parents everywhere cannot make the choices on their own and needed some help!
The child obesity rate would not have anything to do with the fatty and wasteful school lunches or the hours of xbox and facebook the children apply their time too or the chips the kids eat for a snack or that recess is mostly limited in time now in favor of studying for state testing....oh yes.  It is all stemmed around the fact that we, as parents, could not make the choice of apples vs. fries for our children. Yes.  That must be it!

And while I was upset and ranting to some teenage girl working behind the counter that my Happy Meal came with 5 fries and apples that my kids are allergic too, which shouldn't have even been in my meal, MD's is being criticized for their effort because they still offer soda and a toy.

"While some critics of fast-food and public health officials praised the moves (Mrs. Obama called them “positive steps”), others complained that McDonald’s did not go far enough. Marion Nestle, a professor of nutrition at New York University and an outspoken critic of the food industry, called the changes a “sham,” in part because McDonald’s is not doing more to limit soda with the Happy Meal.
“They’re going to get huge publicity for this — an ounce less of French fries,” Dr. Nestle said. “I’m not impressed.”
Do they think that if they offer 4 fried nuggets, 4 over processed-bad-tasting slices of apples that never make it out of the bag, 5 fries and take away the option of soda that parents will happily order it with a smile on their empty Barney-fried faces, thank them for helping them make the choice that they simply could not and not complain about it?  No.  They will complain.  And they will make other choices.  They will order nuggets and small fries and soda alacarte and put more profit into MD's pocket or they will go elsewhere and end up hurting MD's in the end.  Where Government thinks they are doing what is best for us, is beyond me.  The only they are doing it lighting up the internet with some very upset parents. 

I am all for options. I have no problem with that.  Give me a choice between a salad or fries.  Give me an option of a burger or yogurt.....milk or soda. But allow ME to have the CHOICE.  Don't make it for me.  I make the choices I cook each night. I make the choices when I go grocery shopping.  Don't tell me what I HAVE to do when I eat out.

"The company said it had experimented with eliminating French fries altogether from the boxes, but that generated a lot of customer complaints. Danya Proud, a spokeswoman for the company, said that McDonald’s tests also found that parents wanted soda among the drinks available, too. “That’s what we’ve really felt all along, that ultimately, it’s a parent decision to make about their child’s well-being,” she said."
McDonald's understands that if they piss off the client, they won't buy.  They understand that if they make all the choices for the public, they won't buy.  I wonder when Nazi-bama will come to realize it too?

Instead of worrying on if my child is eating apples I didn't ask for, perhaps MD's can focus better on things like teaching that teenager behind the counter to smile and say "thank you" once in a while, to not put cheese on a burger that clearly is marked NO CHEESE, to put straws in a bag when drinks are ordered, to count change instead of looking at you like you have three heads when you hand them $20 instead of a bank card! 

And let us not go into what the government can be focusing on instead of those apples........That leads to a whole new post!

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