Friday, August 3, 2012

Count down..........

Well we are in vacation count down.  I could not be more excited!  It has been a rough year.  Car crashes and dead car engines and floods and broken pumps and graduations and funerals and work etc etc etc.  Just busy and crazy and stressful. I am looking to a day floating in the sun or sitting on a mountain reading a book.  Just forgetting the world is around but me and the clouds. 

We are scheduled to pack up 7 of us and head off to TN in a few days.  But not before more added stress!  Oh no, it never comes easy does it?

Megan is off on a mission trip to Kentucky for a week.  She leaves Sunday.  They are turning an old school into a woman shelter.  She will be painting and working and stocking.  And she is excited to go.  But what that does is put me into rush mode cause we have to get her things together not only for the mission trip but our vacation and soccer and school as well as when she returns, she will throw her laundry at me and be running everyday after.   We have 4 days upon her return to wash and repack her up and while I am doing that, she will be in soccer practices and at dr appointments preparing for school.  Then we we return from vacation she will be back into that same mode again as school will be a week away. 

Ryan is finishing up college classes from summer and working.  He likes his job.  And he just got a call from another vet to interview for another position.  I am not sure if he will take it or not but I am sure he is happy to be getting the calls. It means he has a lot to offer.  He beings fall classes the same week as the girls start school.

And school is the 1st week of Sept!  Where did the summer go?! It seems like yesterday it just ended and summer began. If only winters were this short! 

Delaney is not at all happy to be going back to school.  She is back on her 'I want to stay home and do school" kick. I am sure it will only get worse as the time draws nearer. And we are moving her to a different soccer club. Nothing complicated and too long to explain why but in the end, it means more forms to fill out and things to settle and do before we go.

I cannot wait to have everyone packed and sitting in the van and watching the horizon as we head off.  I cannot wait for someone to cook my dinners.  To entertain me.  To wait on me.  And to just kick back and relax.  It has been a long time coming and I am so counting down the days..............

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