Monday, March 11, 2013

Gee thanks for the fun times!

As if I didn't have enough to do daily, Delaney's school thought it might be 'fun' to start a puppet theater.  Each child had to bring in their favorite book and make a puppet based on the book. 

I knew I was in trouble when they asked the children to bring in the books to approve them.  They never came back.  The teacher is keeping them in a bin to read through each book.  They will be returned later. have to make a puppet based on the book......and you don't have the book!

I am not sure WHO thought this was going to be fun but it surely was not a parent!

After panic eased, I took a deep breath and thought that Delaneys puppet should be fairly easy.  Her book is "I am a rainbow" by Dolly Parton.  The book doesn't really have a main character.  Each color is a new character telling about how the color on the page makes them feel.

Time to rethink.  I don't have the book.  I don't have a main character anyway.  What to do?

Off I ran to the store for supplies....eyes....a etc etc.

We began our 'fun' project this weekend.  Delaney painted rainbow stripes on the arm of the puppet.  The rest is obviously beyond Delaney's craft skills so today Mommy gets to piece it together.

I tried hot gluing the hair on.  Which didn't hold down each strand so I had to slip the puppet on my hand and sew the hair on with the other.  I hot glued on eyelashes and eyes.  Then painted on the nose and mouth which promises to be a challenge.  MY hand is not the same size as a 3rd grader and I fear that "Dollys" mouth might end up either INSIDE her mouth or on top of her face.  It is a sock so one can only hope it can be shifted around.  And because each childs hand would differ I opted not to include a tongue pretty much for the same reasons.

So here I sit....paint coated, hot glue gun burned looking at the Dolly puppet who is a rainbow.

They better be super happy cause I know I am.  I am FINALLY done mean Delaneys homework!

Thumbs up school.  Thanks so much for the added activity.  It was so "FUN"! *insert eye roll here* add or not to add Dolly boobs??????

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  1. How cute is THAT? ! ? Superrrr cute! Way to go!