Thursday, March 28, 2013

Welcoming the new addition to the family

Well my dishwasher took a dive.

It hasn't been washing the dishes well since Christmas.  I shouldn't really complain.  It is 10 years old and runs twice a day between the kids, the family and the daycare.  She has been good to me and never once a repair except for a missing screw. Every day I turned her on and she happily hummed through her job and didn't once ask for a thing or complain.

Todd, being raised by a woman and no men in the house, wanted to whip out the check book and run to Homedepot at the first sign of a dirty spot.  But me, being raised by a man who fixed anything that didn't move faster than him, said "Lets try and fix it". I mean after all we had no clue what was actually wrong with it.  I didn't grow up in a disposable household. Things were taken care of and nurtured and fixed and nurtured some more. So after much whining and a lot of stalling he tried repairing it.

It didn't work

So we finally called the repair man in.  He laughed at me.  Said Todd and were backwards.  Usually the man fixes and the woman grab the checkbook.  Then he sadly broke the news........ The pump was going and as hard as the dishwasher was trying to pump out the dirty and bring in the clean, she just couldn't do it anymore. She was slowly and sadly shutting down. And the cost for repair was more than replacement. It was time for the old girl to go.

Todd gave me the "I told you so" look and happily ran for the car with checkbook in hand.

It took two days to pick the dishwasher. Another fours days to deliver.  Another 4 days before anyone had time to start putting it in.  Two grown men and two more days to install.  And the best part?  I don't like it! 

Thats right.  Thinking on returning it. I am sure that Todd and my neighbor will be thrilled when I tell them to haul it away back to the salesman that had the nerve to sell it to me in the first place.  No sorry.... Correction.  Sell it to TODD.  See Todd picked out this lovely appliance. I like google. I like to read reviews.  I don't often purchase things or go places without looking up reviews.  Todd teased me about this and ended up picking this dishwasher.  Perhaps he should have googled. 

The contractor grade old one cleaned my dishes for 10 years.  It fairly dried them well too. She was noisy but in a house full of kids and barking dogs, one hardly noticed.  This one my dishes are soaked.  It takes three hours or more to wash them. I have to put it on the highest water heat setting and it still isn't drying them.  I am not sure how this is energy efficient.  And I don't like having to dry the dishes after paying an arm and leg for a brand new dishwasher that should be doing it for me. 

Momma is not pleased.  And this little lady might be seeing the inside of the discount section of HomeDepot.

So.....welcome....for not..........Miss GE dishwasher.  But you better get your act together or your days are numbered!

Something to be said for the old. 

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