Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Belt it out girl!

Did you ever just want to stand up and scream? Screaming is good. It lets out pent up energy and stress. It also can get you locked up in a big grey building with bars on the windows.
It kinda reminds me of the Friends episode where Feebie tells Rachel to just run like a kid with her arms all over the place and let it all out. We laughed at the epi but inside I know how Rachel felt and probably secretly wanted to do that to! One of the nice things about being a preschool teacher. NO I do not scream at the kids but I can turn on silly music really loud, dance around like a nut and yell and no one would think me nuts cause the kids are doing it too! There are some perks to this job after all!

Sometimes I just want to be a Feebie.

For me, one to the things is winter. Tis the season. The excitement of the fall and all it brings is past. The 1st day of school, the fall of the leaves, going and picking pumpkins. Along comes the holidays and the bustle and excitement of that. We go from turkey to the mall to the wrapping to the tree farm. It goes in a blur. Then what is next? Nothing. Zippo. Just winter. Short, cold days and long, freezing nights. I HATE winter. With a passion I hate winter. My goal in life is to retire to some warm place where I can pass my days in warmth and sunshine. I would not be upset not to see snow again. I have no desire to put on warm clothes and spend my day throwing myself down some mountain side on skies or round tubes. And with winter comes my stir crazy months. I need to get out. I need to be in light and warmth. And at some point when I become claustrophobic and depressed, I want to just scream. I can feel it bubbling up inside of me right now. That urge to belt it out. I am getting there....

Add in that I have not eaten out all month. Ok that is a lie. We picked up McDonalds when Todd got a tooth pulled a week ago. But in general, we have not eaten out. It has been 26 days. 26 days and 14 and 1/2 hours. That was my New Years goal remember? Yeah well it is driving me nuts. I want out. I want food. I want someone else to cook it. I want to sit at a table and have someone bring me things at my beck and call. And the commercials on tv are not helping. They dare to show me juicy shrimp over pasta at the Red Lobster. Or steak surrounded by buttery vegetables at Applebees. Or a spoon dipping into a huge icecream sundae at Friendly's. Those commercials are calling to me. Teasing me. Oh I soooooooooooooo want to go out. To where it is warm and there is light ........and food. I am getting there...........


I am so getting there!

Perhaps not eating out in the winter wasn't such a good idea to do.....

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