Friday, January 29, 2010

Poop does not make a good hand lotion and other life changing things you didn't know!

I bet you are wondering what this girl is writing about now! Poop hand lotion? Never heard of it? Well it is all the rage in Paris. Anyone that is anyone knows it! Slap some of that on your hands and you are sure to be the talk of the town!

Ok. Seriously. This is about how my day has been. One lives a boring life till they have stuck their fingers into the poo going up a child's backside! This action lead to me yelling "Ewwwwwwwwww!" which brought the older kids over to see what I had stuck my hand in. Which in turn made them proclaim "EEEEWWWWWWWWW!!!! even louder. Nothing like trying to change a wiggly poo crusted baby while kids are running around you screaming "Ewww" and informing you how gross it is to do that. Yeah. Like I did it on purpose!

After scalding my hands in hot water and soap and doing it again like 5 times more I am still hesitant to even think about using my hand to touch food for a good 30 days more!

BUT I have to admit it started out good. Why you might ask? Cause I got my restaurant fix last night. Yes that is right. I caved in like a converted junk food junkie sitting in a bakery.

I have a calendar on my fridge that lists the weeks menu and Ryan came home and looked at it and said in the best whine a 16 year old boy can muster , "Do we HAVE to eat tuna casserole tonight???!??" I jumped on it like a mad man. I am not stupid. I told him we could go out. Ryan, who hates going out, asked if we could order cheese steaks in. Well if I am going to get a fix it isn't going to be on cheesesteaks delivered by some highschool kid. I am going to make it count. I told him what any good mother would do.... "You either go to Applebees or eat tuna casserole". Applebees won out. *sigh* I am so proud of my son! I have taught him to make good life choices. And not only did I get to go out but I got to blame it on him in the process!

That margarita chicken with garlic potatoes was soooooooooooooo good I shall never forget it. AND I got to go out too. As in outside!! That killed two birds with one stone!! It was awesome. The days are getting lighter longer. So there I was with happy kids in the van cause they didn't have to eat tuna casserole while I drove down the road in the still light of day watching the sun set. Only to top is off with dinner out. What more can a deprived mom ask for!?

Oh and an update on Ryan's family tree report.....
He got a 100 and a 95. I am not sure why the 95 and Todd is obsessed in trying to figure out why. I am sure he thinks it had something to do with me deleting family names to fit his side on the tree. Or because I made pierogies and kielbasa instead of baking Babka bread on a Sunday night at 9pm!

Or I blame Mimi! She left out that I am related to Captain John Paul Jones and tells me this 4 days too late. Cause everyone knowing I am related to Capt Jones would so have given us an upper hand!

Or maybe it was Todd's $1.00 words while typing his family history up. I rather think that a teacher can detect when college level words are used in a 10th grade report and that they are not due to the child putting them there.

All I know is it wasn't my fault! I did my homework well like the good student I am!
Makes me wanna go back to school............


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  1. I am all mad at myself for deleting my comment.

    Don't worry - I always *get the poo on me* when changing #2 and #3. It's not fun, but nothing a lot of running water and a good amount of antibacterial soap wont fix.