Monday, January 25, 2010

Rain, rain, go away....

I would finish it but I would be lying. I hate rain. I hate rain even more in the winter. And I seriously do NOT want it to come another day. Actually, it can just move off the coast right now and I would not be unhappy. But I guess I have little say in the matter. And not only is it raining, it is a downpour. As in don't bother to even attempt to do your hair cause it will be a waste of time kinda downpour. I am sitting here in the dark gloom and listening to the wind howling and the rain splat on the window like it is trying to tell me to let it in and I am truly glad that, in times like these, that I work at home! In fact I am sitting here in my jammies. Not something I normally do but it is PJ day at my in home daycare and I am so happy that I happened to pick today of all days to do it. I am in jammies, warm fuzzy socks and pig tails, listening to the wind and rain. Ahhh what a life! Just need some hot chocolate to make the day complete.

Listening to the rain on a winter day reminds me of the day we moved into this house. Memories full of excitement and happiness. I had waited 13 long years to move back to my hometown. And another 5 long months living with family while this house was being built. It was not an easy journey at times! I said that when we signed the closing papers I would roll on the living room floor and yell "It's mine, it's all mine". And I did!

We had family show up after closing for the unloading of a huge trailer. We started around 6pm and finished around 10pm. And that included dinner too! We not only had it all moved in but a majority unpacked enough to live and the kids rooms set up with beds and such so they could sleep there that night. We even had the Christmas tree waiting for us when we arrived since this was only days before Christmas and we hauled that in too!! We had that many people here!! It was like ants moving from the trailer to the house in busy rows and caring their precious cargo to and from. It was exciting. It was exhausting. I would never want to do it again. But it was worth it.

It rained that night on us. But it poured the next day. A day similar to a day like today. The winds howled. The rain beat on the house reminding us to be grateful for the shelter. And my new construction yard was a mud and lake filled property! I remember kneeling in Megan's room and stenciling a picket fence on her wall and listening to the rain hit the roof. It was a glorious time. A time of new beginnings and new adventures. A promise of the future. We were finally home!

Listening to the rain today doesn't have quiet the same excitement as that day 7 years ago. I am still happy for the shelter. I still would wish the rain away though. And am ecstatic that I do not have boxes to move and unpack! Although, I suspect that at some point today I might be chasing trash cans down the road, the rain brings fond memories.

I am completely blessed! In my jammies and fuzzy socks blessed!

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