Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Young And The.........

It is offical. I am old. Old and a vet in realionships. That translates to I am a mother and have been married for way too long!

Todd likes to say we have graduated from the honeymoon phase to hallway sex. We both walk by each other in the hall and say "F--k you!"

Ok not for real. Come on. It was a joke. Laugh!

The other day Ryan came upstairs with a doomed look on his face and proclaimed that he had really done it this time. He went on to tell me that his girlfriend told him that he was sometimes a pain. Ryan then retaliated and told HER she was a pain sometimes too. And as the conversation got heated she mentioned that she was only joking. Ryan took it serious. And they got off the phone with a 'whatever'. In teen language, 'whatever' means you are totally in poo! Now Ryan was upset that he made her mad. Ignoring the fact that he was upset because of her comment in the 1st place. She was just 'joking' after all.

And what did mom do in his hour of need? Laughed. Yes. Yes, I did. I admit it! Oh now, do not sit there in judgement over my actions! You thought it if you were honest. Come on! People are people. And people get on peoples nerves once in a while. Doesn't mean you don't love or like them. Just means they are being a pain in the ass at that moment! Life goes on. It isn't the end all! I couldn't help myself. It just burst forth!

I am thinking it is some aweful moment in a young relationship. Such seriousness. Such drama. And in the end she was only telling him and him, her that they are people. People who can be pain in the asses to eachother. IT WAS FUNNY!

And now I hang my head in shame. Cause I was an aweful and uncaring mother. Well in Ryans eyes anyway. Me? I still think it was funny!

Relationships are about working past annoyances. The other person is never perfect. She will PMS. Ryan will get mad over silly things. They will say the wrong thing. Think the wrong thing. It is life. It is a relationship. And it is about working through it. Talking about what was said. How you felt. And getting past it. And it is the 1st step for Ryan to learn about these things. It isn't the end of the world. It certainly isn't the end of a relationship. There will be much bigger things that Ryan will have to learn about and deal with than this! And being a pain once in a while, is expected. One would not be human if there was not something that got on someones nerves. Cause then they would be perfect. And there is no such thing.

So we chatted. He felt better. They called eachother and said sorry. And kissy, kissy, huggie, huggie, blah, blah, blah.

Ok...........I have to work on that caring side. I GET IT ALREADY!

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  1. LOL Kim!!!

    Poor Ryan! I don't know how anyone survives the teenage years. So not fun.

    For the record, I would have laughed too!