Thursday, October 14, 2010

Adult swim at 5pm! Grab your floatie!

I thought I would pop on and shout a HEY!  It has been a week and I didn't want you all dying to know just where I am and the exciting things I have been up to!  Cause I know it keeps you all awake at night just thinking about it!

I would love to say I have indeed been on an adventure but I would so be lying. 

To begin, my MIL is in the hospital.  Make a long story short and exclude the many details, she has a kidney infection which turns out to be a good thing.  It saved her life.  She started over the weekend with pain and while in the ER they noticed her blood thinner was much too high as well as pain killers that were recently prescribed for her arthritis.  She probably would have bled to death or had a stroke.  So the kidney infection did end up being a positive.  Although, I doubt she saw it that way after 12 hours in the ER.

She is still in the hospital on her little 'mini vacation'.  She gets to kick back and relax while people visit her with flowers and candy in hand and watch soaps all day! 

(Come to think of it, maybe I will join her!)

And Monday, which was looking to be my relaxing night at home, ( my ONLY relaxing night at home for a good week) turned into the making of our indoor pool.  It was not on purpose but my washer had other ideas.  By 4:30 my basement was flooded with a full cycle of a load of darks.  It was not pretty!  And it extended across 1/2 my basement.  Now if you know my basement you know this is not good.  In fact, very very bad.  Which is why I was rather shocked when my plumber says he won't be able to get to me till the next day!  See, I have a finished basement.  With a pergo floating floor. Which houses my daycare. 
Water + no plumber+ wood floor= BAD BAD THINGS!

And to make the night even better.....Todd had just left for swim class with Delaney.  And Ryan was at soccer.  That meant I was on my own with water that was a bit more than my old towel and mop could handle! The only helpers were Megan and a 5 year old.

It took almost 5 hours and hauling rugs and toys and sucking up water with a borrowed wet vac.  Now I am in prayer. "Please dear God do NOT let me have to replace my flooring.  Cause I so do not want to have to call my home owners insurance company and file ANOTHER claim!! I doubt they will be happy with me."

We called a service clean up company who said they would come out for $150 to just look at it but would recommend tearing up the floor anyway.  And we called several flooring companies who said to leave the floor and use dehumidifiers and fans.  We haven't even attempted to call the insurance company yet.  But I am thinking, sadly, that call will be coming.  There is no choice.  The basement is my job.  It cannot be ignored or done when we 'get the money'.  I can only hope that the flooring company is right. 

So.....till then swim classes in my basement will resume this morning at 10am with adult swim to follow at 5.  Bring your floaties.  Bring your wet vacs.  But most importantly, bring your bottle of wine!  Cause I think I need it!

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