Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Where is my Bahama Mama?

My week really got no better.  It has been filled with cleaning up, trying to put daycare children down in other areas since the daycare area is still under repair, emptying out a dehumidifier and falling waaaaaaaaaaaay behind on laundry!

My Monday has been like the past week. Nuts!  I had late daycare arrivals who came just as a new little one woke and was demanding feeding, all at the same time I was trying to do learning work and clean up and make lunch and change diapers and..............!  Let's just say that by 1pm I was ready to hide under a pillow!  My house looks like a bomb went off and I have to say it is making me hyperventilate.  And no one seems to be interested in helping to set anything back to rights.  I either have to look the other way and understand I cannot do it all at one time and alone.  OR sit there in a stare down with toy boxes, rolled up carpets and laundry baskets and get stressed.  Unfortunately, it seems like the last it going to be the winner.

And this morning was just the topper to my week.  It was 4:50am and I hear thunder.  I fly out of bed cause I know that, since no one actually listens to me, Ryan's soccer equipment is still sitting outside on the deck.  And there it was in the dark and the downpour!  Ryan forgot them.  Todd ignored them cause it "wasn't his job".  So Mom got to get up before the break of dawn and drag in dripping and now God-awful-smelling cleats and try to unsuccessfully dry them out before Ryan had to leave at 6:30! 

It didn't happen.  They are still in the dryer.

I have been awake and dressed since.  And spending my morning running downstairs every 1/2 hour to turn the dryer back on.  At some point I not only have to attack the house again to attempt to get it in some sort of order but also figure out how to get the cleats to Ryan...hopefully dry.


I need a vacation!

Or a drink!

Or a drink on vacation!

Or a drink and closing my eyes and pretending I am on vacation!

............Whatever works!

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