Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The lessons my kids learn

Megan was in one of her chatty moods yesterday. That can range from what someone was wearing to who likes whom in school to some fight that broke out in the hallway to what was for lunch. And usually all in one sentence! After the 1st 5 minutes of her chatter, one tends to zone off while saying absently "um hummm" now and then. Usually I am thinking of my grocery list or what to do on tomorrows lessons or how long it will be before we are home and I can find my jammies or when the end of the story will come! I love the girl but there are times she should not be within 5 feet of sugar!

As she was going on and on about....well....honestly I lost track of what exactly brought up this chatter.....she mentioned something that caught me ear. I paused her and brought her back a few steps! She was casually mentioning something about what one of her friends was doing during 'lock down drills'. I asked her what lock down drills were.

Our expressions were similar. Me, confused and not understanding exactly what this was and her, confused and not understanding how I could NOT understand what it was. This obviously was part of her normal day and I should know that. I didn't.

She goes on to tell me that it is a drill in case someone should break the outside barrier of their security and get into the school. *seriously!?*

They are to cover the classroom door window with paper and hide in an assigned spot in the classroom quietly together with desks surrounding them until they announce it over. Each door in the school is to be checked and no one can move till they are.

I asked how they thought the person would not know they were in there if the door was locked on the inside. She said all the doors are locked on the inside. That you can exit but not enter. Every...single...door in the school is locked. The lunchroom. The learning rooms. The gym. And this was normal for her! She honestly could not understand why I would think otherwise.

So my kids are going to school on complete lock down and do drills that leave them sitting on the floor in silence for an hour but they don't have the time to teach cursive writing or how to properly take notes! She might not know how to sign her checks to pay bills but she will certainly know how to survive a gunman! A skill every parent hopes for their kids!

I wonder how far that will get her on her resume!?

Add in that I am currently in phone meetings over a book she is studying in her language arts class.....The Hunger Games. This is the clip they showed my 13 year old daughter.......

They show clips like this in a 7th grade english class and then wonder why they have to have lock downs!

THIS is what public schools are coming too?

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  1. They assigned The Hunger Games as a reading assignment????

    I didn't know what a "lock down drill" was either lol... we just had fire drills when I was in school ! WoW!