Friday, December 3, 2010

Don't roll your eyes at ME like that!

We had just come back from grocery shopping and I was busy putting things away while Delaney is sitting on the floor and chatting with me.

I mentioned to her that we were going some place special tomorrow.....Dairy Queen (which has an awesome indoor play area) for lunch. AND we were going to pick up her friend Alyssa to take with us whom she hasn't seen allllllllllllll week long!

Delaney yells and jumps around the kitchen and then stops and asks seriously if they can anything they want to get. I tell her that it is her fun day and she can get anything she wants. So she says she wants to get a tattoo and a bouncy ball from the machines there and "you can't roll your eyes like that" (as she shakes her finger at me and demonstrates how I must roll my eyes at her when she asks for the 1000000000.1 time for ANOTHER bouncy ball)

The whole attitude and eye roll made me bust up laughing. Which in turn makes her do it again and again.

After the laughter dies down she says to me, "Mom, ain't I really cute!?"

Yes, Delaney you really are. And you KNOW it!

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