Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oh the fun!

Ok is this not cool!?

This was Delaney's science project today. I think I got more excited than she did. I am still here playing and she is watching Sponge Bob!

Just an FYI, cause I know you are dying to know what it is.....The color tabs are kind of like those fizzy tabs you use for eggs at Easter. And you put them in room temp milk. Once they settle you dip a q-tip in dish soap and hold it in the milk/color mix. It just explodes with color. Ok...I just spent a good 15 min "ooooooooo"ing over a kindergartners science experiment.

But it was FUN!

And I obviously need a life!

And speaking of needing a life, my son called home yesterday to ask if Dad could come pick him up at school. He was calling in the bathroom and the phone was breaking up but basically it came down to him wanting to get picked up....because he wanted to get picked up. He wasn't sick. He just wanted to come home. Upon digging more I find out that his girlfriend had missed the bus and was home too.

So. My silly thinking-with-his-wrong-head-teenage-son called his mother to ask me to call his Dad to get out of work, drive across town and pick him up at school so he could come home and go over his girlfriends house and "hang".

*insert dead silence cricket sound effect here*

I shall leave it up in the air on what came out of that phone call!

To cap off, I am on the run to clean up, change diapers, finish work, start dinner and maybe bake another round of Christmas cookies before heading off to bell choir practise.

OR....I might play with the fizzy tab milk experiment some more. We shall see which one is calling me harder............

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