Monday, January 17, 2011

Knock, knock...anyone home?

Yes, yes. I am here!

The holidays kept me busy. We finally took our tree down. It was a sad, sad event. It was completely dead by the time we got to it. Once we removed the decorations and lights, it looked worse than Charlie Browns!! After Todd dragged out the sticks of what was the tree, we were left with the leftovers of sweet holiday memories.

And so, officially, ended our holidays!

Then it was back to school and our keep you busy activities that our bodies had gotten used to not doing over the lazy two weeks off. It took a while to get back in the groove. The snow storms didn't help matters. Throw in a couple of snow shovel days and time off of school and we have been rather busy.

Oh the joys of child labor........

And then, just as life was beginning to become dull, I went online to run some school work off the Internet and opened a virus which set my computer into a dance of survival! Bless my neighbor who got yet another call for help to come and save what he calls my dinosaur computer. Dinosaur or not it keeps me online and I shall not complain about the old girl! So off it went to ICU at the neighbors house and I was offline for a while. It is running now and life is good! The old girl is still kickin!

What else has been happening???

Well my dishwasher got repaired as the front of the door started to come off and the connections were breaking and making the thing not work altogether!! This issue is probably thanks to my kids who open the door and let it fall down with a BANG! At some point it would make sense that the door would say enough and just come completely off with their encouraging hands!!!!

Then we noticed the house water pressure was not strong. Heaven forbid someone would flush a toilet or take a shower at the same time you were in there! You would have to step into the trickle of water for the next 2 min and then got a blast in the face once the pressure kicked back in! So we called a plumber friend in and had a switch fixed and it would seem we still have to call in someone for the water treatment system! Currently we are bypassing that which is a no no living in the country. (Does it ever end??)

Delaney is doing well homeschooling. We have been a little slow getting back to work but the snow days and older kids home here and there doesn't help matters much! She is officially doing 1st grade work. The kindergarten work was simple. The thought of picking up more kindergarten curriculum for her to redo what she already knows was silly. So after hunting and searching we went with Total Math and Total Reading and for 1st grade along with a science program too. That, mixed in with her computer and hands on work will complete the rest of the school year. Reading is still not her most fav thing. BUT we are reading and that is wonderful!

The older kids are doing well and finishing off their marking period soon!

We are on winter schedule with them and things are quiet right now.

And that brings us to today. Another holiday off! The older kids are home and promises to be a quiet day!!!

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