Thursday, March 3, 2011

More sickos and a little humming

I have been dealing with some real sickos around here lately! Add to my previous post another fever ridden daycare child and Megan.

Megan has been knocked on her butt with a migraine for the last week. I wish I knew what her triggers were and why the poor kid has to be dealing with it. Childhood at this age should be about trying out for the sports team, friends birthday parties, how to wear her hair today and who likes her the most but won't tell her. Not about which medication is working or not and being in pain so bad she can't leave her bed. After a dr visit, medications and laying around for a week, I am hoping I can get her off to school tomorrow. For one day! But better than nothing.

For one who does not deal with major headaches, it is hard for me to understand and help her. My headaches consist of an minor irritation that is helped by a pop of Advil and a large Pepsi. Preferably together but not necessarily in that order.

I rather think that her most recent discovery is what knocked her on her butt. Her teenage brain probably could not deal with the conversation we had the other day..........
*Picture Megan on the computer and me walking through the kitchen*

Megan- "How did you know that!?" *whipping her head around to glare at me*

Me- "Know what?", I absently ask.

Megan- "That song!" *she stares at me opened mouthed* "I just turned it on and you finished the song! How do you know it!"

Me- *I notice a popular song on the youtube and shrug my shoulders*
"Dunno. I have heard it on the radio and tv or something. "

Megan- *continues to stare at me in awe*

Me- "Oh come on! Surely you didn't think I lived under a rock listening to music from 1950!"

I think the realization that I just might not be some boring old MOM must have caused her brain to malfunction and go into shock sending electrodes to blast off in the wrong part of her brain or something!

(I won't tell her that Glee club might have helped too!)

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