Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Over the weekend a young girl about Megan's age went missing.  She left her house Saturday afternoon to spend a day with a friend, riding her bike and texting like any young girl her age.  She never returned home. She was found thrown in a dumpster like some ordinary piece of trash.  But she wasn't.  She was a beautiful, living human.  She was someones daughter.  Someones granddaughter.  Someones friend.  She went to highschool, liked to ride her bike, had a boyfriend and played soccer. She texted and laughed in a school hallway and had lots of friends.  Her birthday was in a week!  Someone held this child in their arms for the 1st time and kissed her newborn face and someone goes to bed tonight knowing they will never see her again.

It angers me that some person out there feels that they have the right to take someone precious away.  That they can do whatever they like and then discard this child away like she meant nothing.

It scares me as she lived but 10 min away from my house. That I could see the helicopters overhead as they searched.  That I passed by the last place she was seen not 24 hours after she went missing.  That I take the kids to the park she was heading to.  That I clicked open her Facebook page and saw she was friends with several kids I know and Megan is friends with including my very own niece.  It scares me.  It makes me want to cry.  It makes it even more real. This was not just anyone.  This was a child in my own back yard.

Please keep her and her family in prayer at this time.  Pray they find who did it so that all other children are safe and her death was not meaningless.  Look upon her face and pray for her peace. Her life meant something and should be forever remembered.

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  1. Awful... just awful.... I have been following the story... so sad :(