Friday, October 19, 2012


We have been spending the last few weeks getting ready for Megans 1st homecoming dance.

 I remember when I was in school, you  wore a nice outfit and it was just a dance after the homecoming game.  Actually, since I never was really into the game, I never even attended the dance.  But things are so changed and the homecoming dance rates right up there with the prom.  Dresses, shoes, hair, flowers, tuxes/suite, etc etc etc.  I am really not so sure I understand the whole hoopla behind it cause, well, it is a dance after the game.  But it is what it is and I have to move with the change of times.  And that means hunting for a dress with Megan!!!!!!!!

Now if you know Megan at all, she is just about the most indecisive child on the plant.  She waits till the last minute because she can be lazy and she has no clue on how to make a decision.  Her description of the dress she wanted lead me to demand an early hunt as I knew this would not be easy.  Megan does not want bling or beads or fluff or bows or ribbons or flowers or glitter or anything remotely close to the current demand of homecoming dresses.  It cannot be a pastel or any shade close to a pink of any darkness or lightness.  Blue, Navy, Black were preferred and it must have a 'tutu' style skirt as she did not want anything straight.  I knew this would be no easy task!  Off we went a three malls, a Kohls, a Davids Bridal and some other stores in between.  In fact, we hit about every store possible in the nearby south Jersey two loooooong days.  And for our effort we came home with bellies full of Auntie Annes pretzels, blisters and empty handed .

This began the search online.  I found several places, clicked on several possibilities, shared thoughts and ideas, found some more and then finally demanded she pick SOMETHING by that Monday night or I was done. And this is what we came up blue...................

Pssst.........Dare I tell her that there is bling on it?? Do you think she noticed before she picked it?  Cause it is far from the plain dress she made me hunt for in all the southern New Jersey stores!!

Now the question is with what shoes will she wear? I am currently taking votes if you would like to join in on the fun!

You see, she bought nice black heels.  Her 1st real pair of heels actually and was rather excited on wearing them.  However, my klutzy daughter fell on the patio step, barefoot, and sprained her big toe.  It is now swollen, red, unmoving and she is currently sporting a lovely new version of a soft cast that greatly resembles the shoes of the 1st man to walk on the moon. Very similar to this but is more a sporty lovely shade of grey......
I told her to ice it.  Ice it like there is no tomorrow.  Ice it like she is a cold loving Eskimo.  Ice it till it looks like her red sausage toe is going to fall off!!!  Or, instead of the lovely black new heels, she will be sporting the latest in hospital fashion............

With her lovely BLING dress.

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  1. What a pretty dress! Poor thing on her toe :( Is she taking your advice by icing it? When is the dance?