Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Delaney had her last soccer game on Sunday.  And what a BANG we went out in!  We drive all the way to the field.  Todd and Delaney get out as there is a 45 min. warm up with the team and the rest of us wait in the van till time to get out and set up chairs.  We are talking and chatting in the warm van and we notice it is time to gather our things and head out.  But.......wait.......the coaches are all walking around talking to each other.  Some of the team is over talking to parents.  A soccer ball bag is packed up and hauled over a shoulder.  It would look like they were leaving!  I go and ask Todd what is up and sure enough, no game will be happening that day.  Three coaches and neither one knows where the teams id badges are.  You see, when you travel, you need them.  They are like a drivers license.  It is proof they are on that team and their ages, etc.  No badges, no play.  And none of the coaches knows who had them last and where they are.  And THAT is how we finished off our last team game!! No outstanding game win.  No awesome soccer scores to tell Grandparents about.  No pats on the back and team shouts of joy.  It was kind of deflating.

I don't think Delaney minded though.  She had made chocolate pops in the shape of soccer balls and tied with team color ribbon to hand out the last game. She happily handed them to each team member and ran back to the van.  She clearly had completed her job for the day and not so overly concerned or sad that we forfeited their last game.

And yet......perhaps

............another reason that girl scouts might be her calling!


  1. I hope she enjoys girl scouts... she will learn a lot and help people :) Gooo Delaney!

  2. Oh that's too bad, sounds like someone screwed up. :( I guess soccer just wasn't meant to be!