Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday Ain't No Batter!

Tis the season.  The season of lights and music and HO HO HO and pretty much moms everywhere to go insane.  Might explain all the wine bottle gift wraps I have been seeing everywhere.  I think we all have been asking....or since the start of December!

Yes.  I do believe I know it is only the 10th too!

14 days 10 hours 12 mins and 50 something seconds at of the moment I typed this.

This weekend was filled with running and shopping and work and girl scouts and more running and, did I mention running!?  Hence my need for a Santa decorated wine bottle.  I haven't stopped all weekend! 

Friday was Delaneys girl scout party.  It was cute. A Polar Express, dress in your jammies and bring your ticket kinda party.   It was run by another troupe.  Not the most organized.  It was supposed to be the  movie which was never really viewed since they had it projected on a white wall with all the lights on. But the idea was cute.  "Stations" set up with the girls to do everything from making angels for a nursing home to carols to making your own Christmas cookie and sitting on the Big Red Mans lap.  It was actually a fun night.  Just not one of which I really had time for.  You see, I had shopping to do and groceries to get and bell choir practices and gifts to wrap and so much more to do than to say high to Jolly Old Saint Nick.  But it is what it is and Delaney asked me to stay and stay I did. Although I must admit my mind was doing mental check lists the whole time! And checking it twice.....

I also fit in Christmas shopping at some point between chasing kids and a Christmas bell concert and, even though I was out very late and walking about 500 miles at some unGodly hour while carrying shopping bags full of candy and sugar plum dreams the whole way, I would like to announce.......I AM DONE!

Oh yeah.  You heard me right!  Done.  Done.  D-O-N-E!

Only red paper and ribbons call me now and I am pleased of the sacrifice I made to achieve that goal. Who needs sleep right!?  Or skin on the sole of your feet either!?

I barely sat down all weekend except for dinner out on the way to the concert of which we totally pushed sitting at the table for as long as we could cause we were ALL rather tired at that point.  It was a lovely 2 hour dinner at a fast food restaurant. 

And when I came home to find my jammies and swear I wouldn't move for the next 8 hours, Ryan tells me he has to make some item to take to his Italian class.  Which is, DA-DA-DA, Monday night!  He has no time now to do it on a Sunday night. I sure am not!  And he works Monday.  So guess who is making some, I have no clue, bread???  Yeah!!!!!!  Me (I say in a tired and weak mousey voice)

Now let me point out that I love baking. I hate to cook.  Send me a gift card to Texas Roadhouse and you are my bestest friend!  But I like baking.  Problem is I have never really done a yeast bread before.  No clue if I am doing it right.  You see he picked out Maritozzi.

I can't even pronounce it let alone have a clue how to make it.  But it seemed the easiest of the ones he had looked at and so I went for it. 

Have I mentioned I don't work with yeast breads? 

I am having so much fun. Just a blast

Ok.  Not really.  There is a little sarcasm there.

It says to beat it down.  Seriously.  What exactly does that mean?  Yeah I get the whack it part.  But how long?  How hard?  Do I just give it a few taps or beat it into next Monday?

Then I am to dip it into egg and then sugar and let it sit out for an hour to rise again.  Seriously?  Eggs out for an hour?  And can I point out how totally nasty they look right now?  I think after four, I stopped the eggs and went right for the sugar and prayed that the Italian teacher wasn't really Italian and would be going home tonight to laugh with her family over what Ryan brought in tonight!
Egg dipped....
 Not egg dipped....
AND no clue on if they are even the correct size or shape.  They make 12.  I have 20.  Ummm might give you an idea on my success.

And in between making yummy Italian bread ( I use this loosely) , I spent my day calling the allergist because Megan, who is taking allergy shots for dog, among other things, has been getting this after playing with our dog Cherokee
I am thinking that cannot be good.

And so, as my tired feet protest, I am off to put those lovely breads into the oven.

And maybe look for that Santa bottle............

Say a prayer!

I think I might need it.

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  1. You have been a busy busy lady!!!!! I do not think I am ever done when it comes to Christmas.. I always forget something. You are so lucky to be done by the 10th! The pictures @ girl scouts are super cute.. ! Keep us updated on what the dr says about Megan!