Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Say What!?

So Sunday morning, after overstuffing ourselves on turkey and pumpkin pie for several days, we waddled off to church. We headed off not only because there surely must be some sin in over indulging in thanksgiving fare but mainly because Megan was playing in chimes choir and we could not hit the snooze button and roll over with the covers over our heads. Which was totally our want. But I do believe that somewhere that just might be a sin. So we dragged our lazy, tired, turkey filled bodies off to fill a pew Sunday morning.

As we sat there trying to look remotely aware of our surroundings, I noticed that the adult choir was up on the alter with smiles on their faces. I passingly assumed I missed some funny joke from the pastor and tried to stay focused better. Delaney was sitting up in the front row with Megan and the chimes choir and Ryan was not there at all as he was sleeping over a friends house. Todd was up in the choir on the alter. So that left me, alone, to sit in the pew and listen. It was no easy task. I was dreaming of turkey left overs and pumpkin pie!! But the smiles on the choirs face kept my attention.

In our church, during the middle hymn, the younger children head downstairs for their choir rehearsal and some Sunday school time. I got up and went up to the front pew to get Delaney and noticed that she had made herself totally at home. There she laid, in a dress mind you, on her back with her head propped on her toy bag, a book in her hand, one leg crossed over the other and reading to herself.

(Let's be honest...she was only doing what we WISH we could do!)

So I grabbed up her things, packed them away, gave everyone a 'Gee I am so sorry' smile and ushered her off to choir.

Later I mentioned to Todd about how she was totally relaxing during service and figured that was what had the smiles on the choirs faces.

I only wish it were that.

It seems that Delaney, having seen some street dancers in Philadelphia on Friday, decided to break out into doing the worm in front of the alter! I couldn't see her and had no clue. She not only decided to practice her new worm dancing talent but thought that a few Russian leg rolls and upside down head spin attempts might be worth a try too!! In a dress. In front of the church.....choir....and Pastor! Totally and completely in her own little world and oblivious to the others watching her.

....Well....... if nothing else, she kept most of the turkey filled parishioners awake!

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