Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Delaney awoke this morning full of the excitement of Christmas. It was just making 6am! So I held her off by laying in bed and looking out the window to search for Santa and his sled cause we would not want to get up while he might still be here.

She would hop out of my bed and peek at the tree and listen. Then come back and tell me there were presents. Then after a few minutes, get back out of bed, listen, look and then come back and tell me that the stockings were full! By 7am she tip toed to look for the missing cookies! There was no holding her back after that! We got an early start!!

Here are the pictures....enjoy..........

Christmas Eve at Grandmoms with the Chapmans and Dupnock family
Stop taking my picture!!

Reading with Aunt Michele

Grandmom, can we open presents yet?

I want to open presents!!!
My niece, Cheyenne

OH PLEEEEEEASE when are we opening presents!????????

Peek a boo!
"I think it is a puppy!"

Is it time to open YET!!!!!!??????
Megan, Chey and Delaney opening the long awaited presents!

Showing Aunt Mary her beautiful necklace!
Playing dressup with Aunt Judy
Christmas Day!
Santa ate the cookies!
Waaaaay too early!

Back to sleep!

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