Thursday, December 24, 2009

Santa likes shower gel!

Yesterday I thought to make one last dash to the mall. Not that I needed anything. And I know I must be insane to even consider dealing with the crowds. And is WAS crowded. But we had not had the holiday mall experience since I was already done my shopping so I thought it might be nice to go and grab some dinner and maybe see Santa. Luck was with us cause we got a parking spot right up at the door. And we got seated right away in the restaurant. Then came the chance to maybe say Hi to the jolly red fellow.

Now most kids do not like sitting on Santas lap. And Delaney did not disappoint. But she did not cry. She did not try to hop off his lap in a mad dash for the nearest door to escape. She is much too creative. This was her conversation with me.........

D- "Mommy I cannot go and see Santa today"

Me- "Really? Why not?"

D- "He isn't going to be there!"

Me- "And how do you know that?"

D- "He has to go home and take a shower. "

Me-" Go home and take a shower!?"

D- "Yes! He has to go home and take a shower. He has been busy. And he wanted to go home and get a shower and in his jammies. So he isn't going to be there when we get there. So I can't sit on his lap"

LOL! No crying for Delaney! And no picture either. Other kids might have been doing the seasonal "waaaa" having to sit on some strangers lap that night. But not my daughter! She just calmly put on her coat and walked out the mall. Seems she has the inside information on Santas schedule!

Hopefully Santa is rested tonight. And smelling much better it seems! So when you get a whiff of berry cream shower gel, make a run for your bed. Santa is coming!

Happy Holidays!

Wishing you a holiday full of love and laughter of family and friends during this special season!

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