Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Odd and ends

There isn't much excitement going on today. I am playing it risky and filling the kiddie pool even though the weather man says partly cloudy with storms in the evening again. So far the sun is out and I will take the dog with me! Keeping fingers crossed that we don't have the skies open up on us again. At least this time we will be in swimsuits!

I have been getting ready for vacation. Only one month to go. 4 weeks. 30 days. COUNTDOWN! There is good points and bad to this. Good in that I have been planning this for a year and so looking forward to it! I cannot wait to bask in the FL sun and scream on some rollercoasters!

But it also means the end of summer. I like having something to look forward too for summer but I am thinking next time we might change the date cause it is kinda depressing that when you return, you are returning to work and school and soccer practices and meetings and school buses, etc etc etc.

Maybe I should move vacations to July. Then I still have a year to look forward to it but another month before I have to jump full force into mommyhood again! Just a thought.....

And I think I am going through some form of a midlife crisis. Ok not really. More like a midlife panic. A hit of reality that I am getting old! I have passed youth and young mother. I am midlife. And as I look around at women who are not much older than I, I have to admit that I am about ready to go into panic mood!
I ran into one of Todds cousins not long ago and his wife, who is my husbands age (which is just shy of 50) looks OLD. Lordy did I just say that?? Ok well she does. She looks to be late 40s. If not older. Then I ran across a blog on here and saw a picture of a lovely lady who turns out to be........

..... 50 'something' . Roughly 10 'something' years older than me. 10!

I have to say I am not ready for grey hair and old lady elastic pull up pants! I like to think I don't look my age. But when I ask Todd, he rightly says I don't. But then he isn't stupid either and I don't' blame him for lying. I probably would burst into tears and tear his head off if he said anything otherwise!

*sigh* I am soooooooooo not ready for this!

But for right now I guess I am going to focus on heading to the pool and bleaching that grey hair in the chlorine water! There might still be hope for me yet!

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