Monday, July 5, 2010

Opps! Did I do that?

Well my 4th of July weekend should have been full of swimming pools, suntan lotion, apple pie and hamburgers....but it wasn't. It wasn't even close!

Saturday my day was spent running errands and opening our church for teachers to come in and decorate for VBS. We spent the whole day in an un-AC building. In 90 something degree heat. And when that exciting event came to an end, we came home to clean house and run more errands. It was late....VERY late before we fell into bed!

And yesterday was not much different. In fact, not only was it a busy weekend, it was kind of a weekend full of 'oops'. A rather costly weekend to make up for those many 'opps' too!

I opened my van door on Saturday morning to run to swim class and was hit in the face by the most disgusting smell I have ever had pass my nose! Thinking it was a left over sippie cup full of milk that was forgotten, I went on the hunt. What I found was all my meat for the weeks dinners still in my car that my husband forgot to bring in. In 90 degrees. Sitting there still in their plastic Walmart bags. For two days. Need I say much more??

Then we began work on replacing our slider door along with everything else. Cause we are insane and thought to throw in a big project along with VBS, family visiting and all the other things going on this week! And little to no home improvement ends up being simple. We opened Pandora's box. We couldn't remove the door without taking out some of the deck. Which meant we had to take down the rails. Which would make the much needed to repair steps to be replaced too. And so that project began and soon grew into a torrent of construction!

And the helper in the deck/slider door project, ended up knocking down my mailbox. (did you honestly think I wasn't going to bring this one up?? ;) ) Which was replaced. Right into the gas line. Which resulted in having to not only call the gas people that we had a leak but also made for a day of take out since we also had no stove. Or hot water for that matter. And since there was no hot water it also meant that there was no swimming because we wouldn't have been able to take showers before we left for the fireworks.

Which, by the way, fireworks was about the only 4th of July activity we actually did this weekend!

I would love to say that my day today is going to be relaxing. Filled with the much needed day of sitting by the pool but I doubt it. The slider/deck project is still in effect. Family is coming over for a visit this week. And I am working. Throw in a little VBS in the evening along with 100 degree days.......and I am looking forward to a very busy, hot, tiring and probably crazy week!

Wish me luck! I think I am going to need it!

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