Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Just another day!

I have been running around the last week a little more like a chicken without a head.
Not that I have ever seen a chicken without a head but from what I have heard, it pretty much describes me. Just without all the horror details!

I have been making packing lists and doing laundry and working and getting school things together and.............
Sometimes vacation is more work than it is worth. And the time I go, right before school, might not be the best planned days. Activity wise, there has been more movement in this house than there has been in the last two months!

But today, today just topped it. I don't know where my head was this morning but I think it might have already left for Florida cause it sure was not here helping me out!

I was watching the weather and, with the forecaster proclaiming another HOT day, I decided to fill the kiddie pool. I set it up and then walked away with wonderful thoughts of a lazy day by the pool with the kids.

Later I realize today was library day in which my girlfriend comes and takes the older kids while I stay home with the younger ones. Delaney is still in her jammies and I know that Michele is on her way already! I rush Delaney in the shower only to have her remind me that today was the day her and a friend were going to a bouncer play place! I totally forgot. Why I don't know. I had just spoken to the mother yesterday about it. But my mind was locked somewhere between sitting by the pool and did I pack enough underwear in Delaneys bag!

At this same time I realize the pool is still on! Two hours later. And, yes, it is overflowing! We now have what might resemble a lake in my yard. I get Delaney in the shower and run outside to shut off the water at the same time grabbing the phone on my way to call the mother to see what time she picking up. Which......turned out to be then! Because at this exactly same time their car pulls up along with Michele!

You would think this would be the end of the story but it isn't. I wish it were but it just isn't. It just gets better!

I run in and open the door and kick Delaney out of the shower and then run downstairs to get the booster seats for the many trips going on today and when I open the back storage area........the smell hits me. *sigh*

It is not a pleasant smell. It almost is comparable to the stench of that time Ryan put his wet soccer uniform in the laundry basket. Almost. But not quiet. The storage area does not contain food. Or water. Or anything other than dry items like blankets, toys and clothes. I don't need to dig to know what the smell is. Mickey has gone to his maker! In my storage area! Finding him might be another story!

I cannot pull everything out as I am still in the house with small children and the task of trying to find a little dead mouse is a HUGE undertaking considering the stuff stored in that area! It is not humanly possible to do it alone! It would take all day! And a lot of sore muscles and maybe some not so nice words that I should not be uttering in front of small children!

I called Todd to tell him that for his anniversary he gets to go on a treasure hunt! He is so happy. Cause ...........nothing states 'HAPPY ANNIVERSARY WITH LOVE" like the smell of a dead mouse playing hide and seek in your basement!

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