Monday, August 16, 2010


The other day my girlfriend and I were chatting about superstitions and old wives tales. I am not sure how the topic came up but I think it revolved around our difference in opinions on why a hand is itchy and what it meant.

She said it meant you were giving out money. And I knew that surely she must be wrong cause everyone knows it means you are getting money. And so the debate went on from there which lead me to googling the answer online just to prove it right. And that, in turn, brought up other superstitions we believe in.

I can't say I necessarily believe in them. I believe that we make our own luck and that finding a 4 leaf clover that day really doesn't have anything to do with how your day is going. BUT who wants to rock the boat, right?! A little salt thrown over your shoulder now and then can't hurt!

All this chatter about superstitions brought me back to my childhood and all the things people used to tell me..........

*Drop a knife= man is coming to visit
*Drop a fork= woman is coming to visit
*Only pick up a penny with the heads up or it is bad luck
*Never walk under a ladder
*Never step on a crack
*Don't walk with one shoe on or it is bad luck
*Knock on wood to not jinx yourself
*Don't open an umbrella in the house or it is bad luck
*Throw salt over your shoulder when cooking for good luck
*It will give the birthday person bad luck for a year if you don't share in the birthday cake
*Red/burning ear means someone is talking about you
*A shiver up your spin means someone is walking on your grave
*Itchy palm means you are getting money
*7 yrs bad luck for a broken mirror
*To give someone a purse or wallet or piggy bank without money in it will bring that person bad luck

As I said I can't say that I necessarily believe these things will make or break your day. But I still do them! I am not sure really why. But I guess my thoughts are, who wants to chance opening an umbrella in the house while wearing one shoe on one foot all at the same time!?

A little caution never hurt a person. And would you really want to take a chance?

Knock on wood.........

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  1. I always laughed at the one about the shivers down your spine. How can someone be walking on your grave when you're clearing alive and well and feeling shivers all over?