Tuesday, August 10, 2010

On your mark....get set.......GO!

Well I never thought I would say it but.....I am getting bored of summer.

Perhaps I should correct that and say I am getting bored IN summer.

I love summer. Even with all the heatwaves we have had, I have been in my glory! There is nothing better than the warm sun on your skin or the dip in the pool or sitting in your front porch and watching the birds in the yard. I will take it over 4 feet of snow any old day! But I am also used to the fast pace of the school year. The activities and running here and there. So after almost a month and 1/2 of floating in the pool, I have to admit that I am missing being on the go.

I am just trying not to say it aloud! Cause I know in two weeks I am going to regret those very thoughts!

In two weeks we go on vacation. And we are in take off thereafter. We return on the 29th to a week already full.

Ryan goes back to soccer which is an all day and all week event. Add in a week full of dr. appointments and back to school shopping, etc. Come Sept. 10th we will be going nuts with school added in and all the lovely things that entails. Paper work and runs to the store for that missing notebook the teacher needed yesterday and more paperwork and schedules and back to activities and paper work.....did I mention paperwork? September is a flurry of trying to get back into some sort of schedule that remotely resembles a routine.....and lots of paper cuts!

So I will not complain. I will enjoy my last hours of peace before I no longer have it. Before the school bus arrives and the soccer begins and the choirs start singing and I have to dig out the warm jackets and ..... etc, etc, etc, etc.

Glory be to the SUN!

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