Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Megan

Thirteen years ago I gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl.  Everything about the prior 9 months was smooth.  And compared to my rumble and tumble boy, I hardly even noticed her in there!  She slept most of the time and would move in slow motion. 

I was working that day in the daycare and didn't even notice I was in labor.  At that time, Todd would often come home for lunch and I mentioned that I was getting more Braxton Hicks.  But that was nothing unusual as I had been getting them for weeks and Megan still had two weeks to go. But Todd said to time them and give him a call at work anyway.  "Better to be safe than sorry" and he was right.  I was already 5 minutes apart! He drove back home while I packed up to go to the hospital.

We arrived and checked in and the midwife said Megan would be coming within the next two hours.  And we are right on cue.  7:30pm on November 11, 1997 Megan came quietly into the world.  It had to be the easiest birth I have ever had.  And more likely than not, I probably would have given birth at home had Todd not made the suggestion he did!

Megan was pink and chunky and quiet and just about the most beautiful baby!  I brought her home and all she did was sleep.  Now, you have to understand that she was my 2nd after a not so easy boy!  A boy who never slept or was still and was walking by 8 months!  Megan came home and slept...and slept....and slept.  You didn't know she was even there and I didn't know what to do with myself!

I would love to say she was perfect in every way but Megan is about as pigheaded as one can be.  This caused a lot of run ins during the terrible twos!  And threes.  And fours.  And she was painfully shy.  So much so that we had to work on that just to get her to let go of my leg.  But I like to think these will be wonderful qualities as she gets older.  She will be the quiet person to watch out for.  The one who is observing and watching and thinking.  And she will let nothing stop her once she gets an idea in her head.  These qualities will take her far.

She came into this world my beautiful baby girl and still holds that place in my heart.

May your birthday be filled with all your wishes come true!

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