Friday, November 19, 2010

The mutiny of the dust bunnies

I went for my cardio follow up yesterday. To make a long and totally boring update much shorter, he released me with the idea that I am supposed to cut back on stimulants and stress.

His comment on the stress was to 'take a step back, breath and try to let it go. Think of quiet places and peace".

Obviously the man has never had children or run a daycare! Or been married for that matter!

Why, this weekend alone promises to be a few days from hell!

Todd made plans to help with a church fundraiser which gets him out of the house today and all weekend. Which is BAD timing as I have to clean, scrub, shop and sort all thrown in with soccer games, church, choir and a trip on a Sat. to Walmart (need I say much more there?)! And to add to the fun, my vacuum that Todd was supposed to have fixed was not taken care of and I cannot even clean as I need too. That alone will stress me out cause you have not seen the lint all over my house since my vac became ill! I might just have to set another place setting or two or five at the Thanksgiving table for the dust bunnies in the kitchen alone!

And speaking of Thanksgiving, that is knocking at my door and I have begun preparations for that.

I know...I know...who needs Turkeys and homemade name place tags BUT I did it all the same. I even made turkeys to go on my plain cream candles cause I know my guests would be so disappointed if they had to stare at those candles on Thanksgiving day and not see cute turkeys looking back at them. And I am happy to accommodate! I wouldn't want to disappoint about their dreams of turkeys on candles.

I foresee a weekend full of me running around like a turkey without a head (yeah, I went there!), with a glue gun in my one hand, a paint brush in another and me chasing dust bunnies around the house with a broom!

And my dr says to 'think of peaceful places and destress'!

Obviously....... the man has never had to glue turkeys to candles!

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