Friday, November 12, 2010

Oh how fun the ride is!

Boy has life taken an interesting turn. Like I didn't have enough daily to do or worry about. Now I have Todd to add to my "OMG how am I going to do this" list.

Wednesday Todd came home with a sinus infection that had gotten to the point that his face was swollen. It had started days prior and he was already on meds for it. Sinus infections was nothing new for Todd and so life went on. But come Wed. you could tell he was in major pain and his face was swelling.

He went to his dr, who sent him to an ENT, who told him he was going to Jefferson hospital in Philly. And so Todd packed up an over night bag with the assumption that he would go in, be pumped with antibiotics and be home come Thursday.


Thursday his face was more swollen. So they pumped him with more medications, steroids and pain meds. By Thurs night he was feeling better but looked like a chipmunk who had only stuff a handful of nuts on his right side! Todd happily ate his cinnamon bun we brought him and chatted about his nurses and stay and about how he should be coming home on Friday.

(yeah yeah I know I said cinnamon bun and Todd is supposed to be on a diet that I have been pushing for a year or more but anyone who is dealing with sinus pain and having to eat hospital food deserves a special treat here and there. Plus it is my feel guilty gift for brushing off his initial "I am feeling sick" comment on Monday as just another day of Todd being a big baby! Who knew, right?!)

Well early this morning his dr decided to throw his calm little vacation stay a loop....Todd is looking at surgery. Yep I said surgery for a sinus infection! The infection has spread to his teeth. They want to remove the teeth and drain the infection. And they woke the man up at 1am to tell him that. Like he had anyone to call and get opinions at that hour!

I got up this morning and sent a text message to him saying good morning and did he have any news, hoping it would not wake him and he could respond when he felt like it. Two seconds later the call came! I knew when I reached for the phone at 6am that something was up. Or he was majorly bored. Sadly I was right the 1st time.

He was hoping to come home and chat with his family dentist on options but I told him that this wasn't something to be so relaxed about. This is a major infection. And if he came home he could be looking at weeks to get rid of the infection before they even looked at a tooth. In the hospital they could do it all at once and drain it and monitor him and was the possibility of week of pain...or worse, a heart attack or stroke.........worth a tooth?

So I have been working all day and then packing the children up and heading into the city by night. It has been a long two days and looks to be even longer. I am tired. The kids are tired. And let us not even talk about the germ issues I am personally having even walking into that place! But I figure it is nothing compared to what Todd is dealing with. I won't complain!

Maybe I will buy him two cinnamon buns tonight!

(and a pack of handi wipes!)

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  1. Hang in there girl, you are doing a good job playing single mom. My thoughts are with Todd, you and the kids. Keep us posted!!