Friday, March 5, 2010

Bossy bossy bossy

So much exciting stuff happening!

Ok maybe not that exciting. Certainly not as exciting as a spider attack I am sure. I know that had you all on the edge of your seats!

On Tuesday, I signed Delaney up for soccer this week. I know that those close to me are thinking "Is she nuts?" cause I took her out of dance around the holidays because I needed a break and was doing way too much. And so was she. But Delaney is feeling cooped up. She is my outdoors baby and wants to run and be free. It is way too cold and muddy in the back to do so lately. Plus, in truth, she was kicking the daycare kids butts at indoor soccer this week.

I had set up a pop up net and they played with a soft Dora bouncy ball. The 3 and 4 yr year olds didn't stand a chance. She was dribbling left and right and around them in circles. So I spoke with her and she happily said YES! And I thought it would be good to get out and get some running done in the fresh air. So I did it. I signed her up. I will have to fill you in later on if I regret it!!

I have also been dealing with Miss Delaney being way too bossy lately. Maybe it is all the pent up energy. Or that she is evolving from my Cruise Director to my resident bully. She has not only been giving directions to the other kids but being forceful in doing so. I don't know too many cruise directors who yell at you to play bingo or else they will drag you over there to do it!! I have talked with her about it and how we play and talk nice to our friends but this child is not to be undone. She has stopped being loud in her 'directions'. Now she gives them the evil eye in silence. The spider stare down that says "You know what to do. Do it or else". Ah I love kids! Like not saying it outloud is ok and much better.

Lets hope she takes some of that bossy aggression and puts it on the soccer field. She gives the other kids that stare down and she will be one awesome soccer player!

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