Monday, March 29, 2010

Palm Sunday

I'd like to say that I have been away cause I have been doing some exciting things. But, in truth, that isn't so. Just everyday things like a VBS meeting, a church meeting, bell choir practice, dr appointments, work, changing diapers, laundry, paying bills, etc is about as exciting as it has been getting. Gives one goose bumps from the thrill of it all I know!

Plus we are being guest chefs for a local Ronald McDonald house on Thur. and this has been taking some of my time too. This not only is a fun learning experience for us as a family but gets the kids out of school too which I am sure is probably the real reason they were totally ok with doing it.

So we have been trying to plan a meal for them and see if we can get any 5 days. Nothing like last minute! But this is up Todds alley. He does these fundraisers all the time and will probably be coming through, last minute, but coming through all the same.

Even though last minute things stress ME out, it looks to be a fun day all the same. I think it will be a nice learning experience for everyone. Even Delaney is coming to help. Actually thinking on it...this motley crew might make most worry. Todd (who does things last min), Me (who hates to cook), two teenagers and their friends (who would probably like to be anywhere but with US) and a 5 yr old. Maybe those staying at the house will think twice before tasting our ware!

And we just did our Easter Cantata at church. There is nothing that says Easter more than a full lot of kids in a choir singing with kitchen towels on their heads and waving their palms!

Come to think of it....WHY did I bother to torture my 5yr old and curl her hair only to throw a towel on top? Well, of course, just so I could get that ONE picture in the front yard! And have a fun story to tell when she goes on her 1st date!

"Oh you look so lovely in your prom dress! Reminds me of that time I curled your hair and then you went to church with a kitchen towel on your head! Wait! Let me go get the pictures!"

(turn down the music volume. Don't want to miss this talent!)

I somehow don't think Jesus got such excited palm waving and song as this! Can it be any cuter?

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