Tuesday, March 30, 2010

T is for trouble times 3

You know that term your mom always used to say to you and you hated and swore you would never use it on your kids? The "if your friend jumped off the roof, would you do it too?". Or maybe it was a bridge. Or was it a cliff? Any high foundation I guess works. Well, yeah, anyway, THAT term.

Delaney is that said friend. And all her friends are her followers. I know you have heard me call her my 'cruise director'. But lately, her excited "hey let's do this!" comments are starting to mean trouble. It somehow is wrapped up in something they are not supposed to be doing and if it involves crayons, scissors, glue or a high foundation, I know I am in trouble.

It is bad enough when it is just Delaney. But when she has one, two or four other kids following her, that is usually a mix of trouble!

"Hey lets go play with moms glass breakables in the living room!"
"You lay there and I will jump off the sofa on you like a trampoline!"
"Wait! Let's plug up the bathroom sink and play in the water!"
"You aren't doing that right! You need to press harder on the crayon or it won't show on the wall!"
"I'll climb up the ladder on the roof 1st but you get to jump 1st"
"You jump on one foot, cross your eyes and pick your nose while I sit here and laugh!"

Ok, no. I am joking. She doesn't write on the wall anymore.

And I am not sure which I find more frustrating....Delaney as the ring leader, letting them to do things that she KNOWS none of them should be doing. Or the other 2-3 that follow her happily and KNOW they shouldn't be doing whatever she tells them to do. There have been times that I have to admit that the use of duct tape and chairs have crossed my mind! At least I would get about 10 min of peace before they unwrapped themselves and found something better to do with the duct tape!

Lately I find that I have a more annoying saying. "Delaney is NOT the boss. I am the boss and you should listen to ME. Not do what she tells you do when you clearly know it is wrong!".

I think they are probably inwardly rolling their eyes at me like I did with the whole jumping off the roof comment. Cause it is waaaaaaaaaaaay more fun and exciting playing human trampoline than doing the right thing, right?!

Well I never jumped off the roof. So I like to think that they won't either. But then.........sometimes I am not so sure!

Yeah....that's what I thought!

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