Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Show us your shoes!

Well it happened. Delaney's feet exploded. I knew it was coming. But it seemed like overnight we went from a size 11 to no longer being able to fit in them.

And that posed a problem on Sunday morning as I have Delaney dressed for Church and am trying to shove on a shoe that obviously isn't going to go on her foot no matter how much I pushed and shoved and wished it so.

This process required some sweat. Maybe a little swearing. And then a mad dash to the closet to find something that would go with the one pair of shoes she had that would fit! Nothing like a little excitement in an already hectic morning!

Well we found some replacements last night. And Delaney was in her glory. She LOVES shoes! Set her free in a shoe store and she will have hers off and trying on every shoe within sight no matter the size.

But we replaced the dress shoes, picked up some sneakers and came home with a so important pair of rain boots. Cause life without a pair of rubber shoes for a 5 year old is not worthy! She wore them out of the store. She wore them on the rest of the errands. She wore them in the house. And if you know Delaney, that is a big statement in itself as she will walk barefoot mid winter!

She loved her new rubber boots. And she had even more fun walking and splashing in the water puddles from the most recent downpour.

Actually, as I watched her dance through a river of water in the parking lot, I might have been a tiny bit jealous!

Maybe I should get me a pair!

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