Thursday, May 27, 2010


Isn't he just cute?
Well that cute critter is on my snuff out list!

I have lived in this house for about 7 years. And have had a terrible time keeping shrubs and plants alive. I thought it was me and my lack of a green thumb. So every spring, I trudged off to HomeDepot and bought replacement things for my flower beds, all the time thinking I got the wrong things or didn't water them enough.

It wasn't till last year when I found a huge hosta plant sucked into the ground that I realized it was NOT me but that cute, fuzzy little rodent above! I spend hours upon hours in those flower beds. I plant and water and weed. I spend tons of money each spring to ensure my flower beds are nice. And, in fact, I am actually supplying those little things with an open gourmet buffet of yummy treats.

We put in poison pellets which seemed to work last year. I think we lost only two hostas before they decided it wasn't worth the fight.

The newbies coming in this year are tougher though. We got the beds up and going again. And started a new one in the back yard. Four days later a plant was gone. We poured more pellets in the hole and around the bed and ran to HomeDepot and got a replacement. Three days later it was gone!
So for $24 I paid for the lunch of that cute little pest twice! I am not happy!

I envision myself like some Elmer Fudd cartoon and standing on my front lawn with a gun aimed in the hole and saying some not so nice words that I don't believe I ever heard about a waskaly wabbit. The only thing that holds me back is the fact that I don't want my neighbors to know that I am slowly going insane over these stupid things! I am. I just don't want them to know it!

Wack-a-mole kinda comes to mind at this moment.

I am so mad and frustrated right now. I am NOT going to be beaten by some rodent!
So it comes down to me or them. And I will win! I have more to lose! Those plants are mine and I refuse to give them over on a platter for them to munch on! I don't know how. I don't know when. But I am going to take them DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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