Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My adventure

I know you have been sitting on the edge of your seat and waiting to see what happened with my oral surgeon.

Well here goes.......


I prayed on the way there and did some Lamaze breathing exercises. Smiled at the receptionist. Didn't throw up on the waiting room floor. Read my book. And then they called me back.

I felt like the little kid being calling into the principals office sitting in a huge chair where my feet didn't touch the floor and waiting in silence.

Then HE came in. He seemed nice. I think he could tell I really did not like him very much. I also hope he understood it was nothing personal. I am sure he was a very nice man. It was just all that he stood for that I had an issue about!

I think he might have laughed at me when he said "lets take a look'. I am not sure why but I am thinking it might have been my nervous and tiny voice when I said 'ok'.

Then he asked if I wanted to have all the wisdom teeth done or just the one. Silly silly man! Now WHY would you ask such a question? And of course I said 'If you are asking ME, just the one!". He laughed again and said it was no problem and that he would be there later if need be. Not sure what that meant but I really didn't like that!

His next question was just as silly...
"How do you want to do this? A shot? A................."
Yep, I cut him off right there and told him what I told his receptionist...
"I don't want to see, hear or feeling ANYTHING!"

He smiled and said that was fine. We understand each other.

Then I drove home and cried. Not because anything really happened. But because of the stress of it all building up and the relief that I was able to go home and not gum my food this day!

My doom day? Monday, May 17th.
And the count down begins............


  1. Where's your ticker? LOL I figured you'd have a ticker with a time bomb or something at the end. (HUGS)