Thursday, May 19, 2011

Where did my rock go?

I have not been having a good spring.  Normally it is my most fav time of the year.  A time full of flowers and trees and sun after a very long and depressing winter.  New life is everywhere and you can smell it in the air!

Well, you can smell it if you don't have allergies!

All the things I love the most, almost kills me.  Yes, I might be a little dramatic there but it does very closely explain how I feel.  And THIS year?  It has had to be the worst spring I have had in a good 8 years!

Eight years ago I lived in the next town over.  And the property, more so a lot, was filled mainly with two gorgeous and huge maple trees.  One in the front and one in the back.  They were so big they filled up most of the yard.  They bloomed beautiful in the spring, gave shade in the summer and was full of the most beautiful colors you have ever seen in the fall.  I loved those trees.  They just didn't love me.  Each spring I would almost die (yeah, there is that drama again).  My life was filled with tissues and allergy meds for the next three months.  Eight years ago we moved to here and it was so grande I could almost breathe!  My allergies didn't completely go away.  But they got better.  Life was good.

Till spring of 2011.

 I am pretty sure I might be keeping the tissue companies afloat so much they are currently planning huge, expensive vacations on my tissue money alone! And..............I could just about die!
It is really that bad. 

I have been taking Allergra-D around the clock.  I am so dry I could probably spit cotton.  Forget about cotton! I could probably spit out the finest sweater at this moment!  But it doesn't take away the allergies.  Just makes life somewhat livable for about 8 hours out of a day.  That is if you believe sitting with your mouth hanging open, brain dead, drugged up, with tissues stuffed in every pocket and shirt sleeve you have on!

Here is an example of my morning:
May 19, 2011.  5:25am.  My alarm goes off, I stretch,  roll over and......sneeze. And sneeze. And sneeze. And by the time I made it to the shower, I was one huge snot bag with a sinus headache. On a plus side,  I only have three kids today for work and two of them are sleeping. Good thing considering that I am currently brain dead, highly medicated and not functioning much beyond 20%.

If I could grab a tissue box, stuff some cotton balls up each nostril and hide under a rock, I probably would attempt it.  Everything on my body aches and itches.  And this time I cannot blame some poor, innocent maple tree cause there is none really here.  I think their friends might be ganging up on me though.  And to think, grass hasn't even kicked in fully yet according to the pollen guide on the morning news.  Joy of joys! Cause when the grass does, you will have to come look for me under that rock!

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