Saturday, September 25, 2010

Attack of the stink!

At the beginning of the week we had lovely Indian summer weather.  It was sunny and hot and the kids were outside playing most of the day.  Who could ask for more this time of the year?  God has been good to me by allowing me some more hot summer days so I can bask in the last remains of summer memories.  Then it happened.....

They arrived. 

By Wednesday, my house was covered with bugs.  Stink bugs to be more precise.  They were on the sides of the house, on the doors, on the windows.  I went out to put something in the mailbox and felt like I was being transported to some horrible scene from a Hitchcock movie!  They hung on the eves of the house and flew through the air.  I decided that I was not going to even think about going back through that front door with them on there staring me down!  I walked to the back.  It wasn't much better!  But on that door I at least had a screen and could run in the house with some sort of barrier to keep them at bay.  Some. 

Now if you have followed this blog at all, you surely know that this is going to be the end of my demise!  If my dr was concerned about any stress in my life, he should be here while I am trying to usher three screaming kids in the house while being dive bombed overhead by hard covered stink bugs!  'Eliminate the stress' at this time is almost a joke.

They wait for you to open the door.  To give in cause you have no choice but to go to your car or let your kids in from school and then they make their move in.  I have spent three days flicking bugs back out. I can't even have the glory of smacking the hell out of them or they will reply by filling my house with an odor that even Fabreeze cannot cure!!  So I, the woman who is TERRIFIED OF BUGS, has to get a fly swatter and urge these things on it so I can open the door and flick them out before any of their army attack back in!  If I am having a good moment, it works.  If not, it usually ends in some sort of mad dance and screaming enough to probably make the neighbors wonder if something has happened over here!  And then I have to start all over again with the fly swatter and flicking. 

I walked outside in the morning yesterday to sweep my steps off cause mornings are our free time of them. I don't have a clue where they are but they aren't on my house!  So it is then I run to the mailbox, take out trash and sweep the steps.  I stood there listening in the morning air.  Quiet.  A mist filled the air this morning which just added to the effects.  I knew they were there.  Waiting. Watching. It resembled a moment in a movie when there is a lull and quiet, the scary music begins and you know something bad is going to happen and then some crazy man comes out from behind a tree with a chain saw in hand! Yep.  Just like that.  Only minus the music.  And the chain saw!

By 11am they come flying back.  Filling the house with sounds of their bodies thumping on the window and their shadows moving across the deck.  By 3pm you could not open a door without a fly swatter and being prepared to do some major flicking!

I sent Todd to the store for some chemicals.  I didn't care what.  Anything that would make these things either drop dead where they sat or at least fly to the neighbors house cause I am not sure how much longer I can hold out!

It looks like perhaps my lovely Indian summer days might be over way sooner that hoped!

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