Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Homeschooling Delaney

As you can see, last week, the older kids started their 1st day of school. And Delaney started her 1st week of homeschooled kindergarten. She was sick but all in all, I thought it went rather well. Only being homeschooled could she be in her jammies and still complete the work that she would otherwise have missed due to being sick!

There was no fighting or tears and for me that is good! Delaney on the other hand handled it rather well!

Delaney is one of my best students. She gobbles up the information like a sponge and then asks for more. I can only hope my luck will continue to hold out and the rest of the year will be as good!

The only issue we had was that she did not seem to click with the Hooked on Phonics program I got her. Compared to her excitement over the other activities, reading stood out like a sore thumb. I figured it probably had to do more with learn style and set out to find something more interesting for her.

Oddly, that same day, while I sat in the dr. office, I found an ad for a phonics program online. There was a 5 day free trail so I ripped it out and stuffed it in my purse before anyone saw me.

On a good note.....Delaney only had a virus that cleared up in two days. And she LOVES the phonics program! And mom gets it for 5 weeks FREE!

Our day does not revolve around alarm clocks and running for a bus while inhaling a poptart and long days spent listening to a teacher and tests and...........

Delaney wakes and runs outside to play with her friends. Then we have some learning time spent with the daycare children (most who are only a few months behind her). Circle time. Stories. Arts and crafts. More play time. Lunch and then while the kids are taking naps, Delaney and I spend more one on one learning with her workbooks, games or her new fun and totally exciting phonics program!

It exactly what I wanted for her right now and seems to be working.
Course, it has only been a week. Get back to us in three months and I will let you know how it goes!

I suspect, though, she will still be running barefoot with her friends and loving it!

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