Saturday, September 4, 2010

Here comes the fall!

Sadly, fall is knocking on our door. I got up this morning and sat outside in the cool morning air and watched the bumblebees move in slow motion. It is like they are tired and cold and want to head back for a mini vacation to a retirement community in FL! One sat hugging a flower bud and didn't move the whole time I was out there. I wasn't sure if it was dead or hoping and praying for heat!
Even though the afternoons are still hot, the evenings have cooled down the pool so much that we are getting ready to cover it. It breaks my heart!

And with this time of the my mailbox, has come the latest fashions for Halloween! Which Delaney has carted off to dream about what she is going to be this year.

She proudly comes over this morning and tells me that she wants to be batgirl.

I am looking at cute costumes full of glitter and ruffles and sparkle. And she is looking at batgirl! What happened to being a princess or a butterfly or a pretty ballerina? No. My child wants to be a superhero!

But not just any superhero. A PINK batgirl!
Bless her heart! If one must spend the day saving the world, at least they can look snappy in a hot pink, sparklie costume! Look out bad men! If she doesn't get you, the brightness of her belt will blind you in the end!

I can't help but wonder if the Universal Spiderman ride has had any influence on her decision! Cause, after all, she knows that the big green man is out there. She might as well look dang good taking him out!

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