Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Knock knock, is anyone home?

Ryan and I were sitting in the living room waiting for him to head off to school and talking. That is rare at this age and so, even though it was only 6am and my brain was not yet awake, I decided not to pass on the moment.

We were joking about Ground Hog Day. ( BTW HAPPY GROUNDHOG DAY! Would not want to miss that special holiday greeting moment. ) And we chatted about Valentines Day which is coming up. This is Ryan's 1st really special Valentines Day cause, well, he has a Valentine!

I asked him if he wanted me to pick him up some heart shaped candy or something for his special Valentine and the conversation went something like this.....

R: No. I want to take her out to dinner at a nice restaurant.
Me: You do realize you are 16 right?
R: Yeah
Me: And that you do not own or drive a car?
R: Yeah
Me: Or that you do not have a job which equals no money?
R: Yeah
Me: And do you not think it more appropriate that you get her a box of chocolate instead??
R: No. I want to take her out to dinner.

My question is.....when is reality going to penetrate his 16 year old skull? Cause I know it is knocking on that head but he doesn't seem to notice!

So....translated from teen language.....mom and dad, who BTW are not going out for Valentines Day ourselves, are going to pick up his girlfriend and take them both out to a nice restaurant, pay for their meal and drive them back.

And what are Dad and Mom doing for Valentines Day? Dad is getting a $4 box of candy and Mom will be lucky to get a card, picked up at 3pm on Valentines Day ........and signed in the car while waiting outside a nice resturant to pick up Ryan and his girlfriend from their lovie Valentines date.

Lets ponder on if Ryan gets his wish or a heart shaped box of chocolates...........

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