Thursday, February 25, 2010

Twiddling my thumbs and sending the bird

I am sitting here in the middle of another snow storm. Course my snow storm out my window and the snow storm on the weatherman's map on tv kinda do not look to be similar. According to him there is a blizzard going on out there with school closing going nuts. What I got is a few snow flakes that look kinda like this.....

Complete white out, hea? I am thinking that maybe we might be looking at two different snow storms? Course, later they insist it is going to get worse. But the map shows the storm heading up to NY with nothing to replace it. Maybe the weather man has finally lost his mind! Or I have. I will have to get back later to you on which one that might be.

Ryan is talking about signing up for track. And I have come to learn that sport coaches are insane. Or maybe it is because they are men. Or both. The two together do kinda make for a huge accident in the making if you ask me. All the same, Ryan comes home with his sign up form and an inch thick parent handbook. In general, if Ryan has poor grades or is sick or is late or misses a game or misses a practice or there is a full moon or he goes poop twice in one day or the planets fall out of orbit....he gets kicked off the team. Now I have been in sports with my kids long enough to know that they are completely full of it. As a newbie to high school last year, I followed these instructions to a tee. As a 2nd year vet, I just mentally flip them the bird and throw the paperwork away.

But the best part of this paperwork was them telling us that there is over 40 boys on the team this year. And only those that are the best at everything will play the meets. So, in other words, they are telling us that we are to make sure our child makes all 6 practices during the week till the end of school, doesn't miss school and keeps their grades up to be on the team BUT, in fact, they are more likely to end up just warming the benches. Oh yeah....and send in a check for a $40 team suite....even though they might just be warming the benches.

My thoughts on this are
#1 What happened to school funded sport and activities? I went to this same school and never do I remember having to pay for uniforms, tees, warm up suits, etc etc etc And yet I am always being hit up for more money for something. I paid less out when my kids were on kids teams and I had to sell things like pizzas and candy (in reality that translates to us buying the pizza and candy!) ! I want to know what my taxes are paying for? It isn't sports uniforms or even after school buses!!

#2 Whatever happened to try outs? As in you try out for something and make the team. Or don't. I think we have fallen under the idea that our kids might get hurt feelings if they don't make the team and a coach might have to tell them " didn't make it". So instead, the better option is to give their egos a huge pump and allow them to make the team but warm the bench instead? Personally, I would rather try out and not make a team than to tell everyone I am on a team and not do anything but fill the water bucket and cheer on my team mates! Rejection doesn't hurt anyone. It can actually end up making them better because it will make them work harder to get that earned spot.

BUT instead, Ryan will be on a team with over 40 boys. This should be interesting!

#3 WHY would you ask me to buy the said gym suit in the 1st place when you aren't even guaranteeing him a spot? HELLO! (here comes the mental bird flip)

That said, there is still no snow. Well there is. Just tiny baby flakes fluttering by. Not that I am complaining. Don't get me wrong. But it is kinda like being offered the position on a track team. It kinda gets me up and running to prepare and in the end there is nothing but me watching and waiting and warming the bench. Only....

I didn't have to buy myself a $40 track suit!