Saturday, February 13, 2010

You know you are best friends when.........

You know you have a great friendship going when you can share your food with her and she never complains about waiting till you done before she gets any. When she will wait in silence and not rush you or ask for some. Delaney has a friend like that in Cherokee, our dog.

Today Delaney happily inhaled mashed potatoes and left the skins on her plate that Daddy decided to leave on before mashing. When she was done with those skins, Delaney layed the plate on the floor for the dog and Cherokee, being such a wonderful friend, helped Delaney out by cleaning off her plate. Then Delaney picked the plate back up and started to load on more mashed potatoes. I notice all this going on and stopped her and asked why she was giving more to the dog! Delaney tells me, in her best 4 year old innocence, that she isn't. That the potatoes were for her! She was going to eat more ( off the cleanly licked off plate mind you ) and share her skins again with her friend, Cherokee.

Now THAT is some friendship! Two gals ,hanging out on a Sat night, having a meal together and taking turns sharing what they had. AND said friend will never tell you that you look too fat in that new pair of jeans you just bought. I want a friend like that............

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