Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nice and easy is my best friend today

I woke today, blizzard day, to not having to work. Everyone stayed home to bunker in yet another storm. So I decided it was as good a time as any to catch up on some me time. I took a nice long hot shower, shaved body parts that hasn't seen the light of day since August and painted my toe nails. Yes I know that no one will see them through snow boots but I did it anyway. Like clean underwear, you just never know when you will find yourself in the ER and would not want to be caught with winter feet! AND I dyed my hair too. I would have painted my nails but unfortunately they are the victims of winter and broke off last week. I figured 'why bother'. There was no saving them with any sort of pretty paint! They were done for!

And I sat on the sofa with my wet toenails and smelly dyed hair and watched the blizzard forming on tv in the safety of my nice warm house.

At least something good came from today. And I am sure some nice ER dr will be grateful for it too!

Hello sweet piggies. Oh how I have missed you! If only to be free and running in the warm summer sand. One day, I promise, you shall be happy again!

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